Who can provide a Full Fibre broadband service in Shropshire

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There are a number of companies building or have built Full Fibre networks across Shropshire see the full list below note that some of these do not sell direct to the public but sell their services via a number of Internet Service Providers that in turn sell direct to the public. 

This is a list compiled from doing extensive research to bring it all together in one place if you are aware of any missing or inaccurate information with the below please let me know

To read more about what Full Fibre is and why you should consider switching to it visit our handy What is Full Fibre page on our sister site FTTP Pro then come back here to find out who is building Full Fibre networks in Shropshire!

Providers that build their own networks but dont sell to the public:

The below is a list of Wholesaler Full Fibre Network builders available in Shropshire they do not sell direct to the public instead you can get their services via a number of Internet Service Providers.

Full Fibre ltd which has a consumer facing brand called Fibre Heroes have been building Full Fibre networks across forgotten market towns in the UK. They are building their network across much of Shropshire.

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Openreach are the longest running and biggest telecommunications network company part of BT and formally known when they started as GPO

Openreach are the longest running and biggest telecommunications network company part of BT and formally known when they started as GPO (General Post Office) they were the first to install copper cables to deliver telephone services across the UK over 100 years ago. 

Openreach were also one of the first to start building Full Fibre networks although for a number of years focussed instead on deploying their hybrid-fibre stop gap products like Fibre to the Cabinet where the Fibre part of the network terminates at a street cabinet and from there the old copper cables deliver the internet the rest of the way into your property you can read more about that on our about Full Fibre page on our sister site

Thankfully Openreach have now realised Full Fibre is the way to go and now have plans to expand their Full Fibre network over the next few years you can check when its coming to your area here 

They have already deployed their Full Fibre to pockets of areas across the county for example in some parts of Shrewsbury and the whole of Ludlow. 

Openreach is a wholesaler and does not sell internet direct to the public many of the biggest Internet Services Providers sell their services using the Openreach network its worth noting not all offer Full Fibre products yet. Those that do include Shropshire based Internet provider Aquiss , BT, EE, Sky and Vodaphone you checkout the full list on Openreach’s website here

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Full Fibre ltd which has a consumer facing brand called Fibre Heroes have been building Full Fibre networks across forgotten market towns in the UK.  

In Shropshire they started deploying their network in the Cherry Orchard area of Shrewsbury in conjunction with Air Band an area of town that had been neglected by Openreach meaning many residents could only get basic copper only ADSL broadband with very slow speeds and Openreach had no plans to even bring their Hybrid Fibre to the Cabinet service let alone Full Fibre. 

After a successful deployment in Cherry Orchard in 2019 Fibre Heroes started expanding their network across the rest of Shrewsbury which should be fully live this year (2022). 

Even better news after getting some investment Fibre Heroes are expanding their network across Shropshire to include the following towns making them one of the biggest Full Fibre networks in Shropshire:  

  • Shrewsbury
  • Bayston Hill  
  • Oswestry  
  • Whittington 
  • Wem 
  • Weston Rhyn 
  • St Martins 
  • Ellesmere 
  • Whitchurch 
  • Market Drayton 
  • Bridgnorth 
  • Broseley 
  • Kinver 
  • Church Stretton
  • Much Wenlock

Like Openreach Full Fibre /Fibre Heroes do not sell direct to the public instead they partner with a number of Internet Service Providers see below for details. 
If you live in one of the above towns its worth registering with Fibre Heroes  

Internet Providers that sell on the Fibre Heroes network:

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Octaplus is an internet service provider and network operator based out of London offering internet, entertainment and phone services

Local Internet Service Providers that sell on Openreach Network:

Aquiss are a family run Internet Provider based in Bridgnorth who offer both Hybrid Fibre and Full Fibre services on the Openreach network. Based on a recent personal experience I would recommend them if you can get Openreach’s Full Fibre services.

Providers that build their own network and sell to public

Here are a list of company’s building brand new Full Fibre broadband networks accross Shropshire that also sell their services direct to the public:


Virgin Media which has now merged with O2 is the 2nd biggest network in the UK and primarily offer their internet services over their cable network along with TV services.They offer both Hybrid Fibre services capable of over 1Gbps as well as native Full Fibre. They have a big presence in the Telford and Wrekin area and have started to expand their services across other Shropshire towns such as Shrewsbury and Whitchurch.


Air Band operate a fixed wireless broadband service across most of Shropshire which delivers ‘Superfast’ speeds of 40mps download and 10mbps upload.They also have started to build Full Fibre networks across pockets of areas in Shropshire.

SWS operate a Fixed Wireless Broadband service across South and some central parts of Shropshire which in the same way as Air Band above can offer a lifeline to areas that can not get decent broadband via a cable particularly rural areas. SWS like Air Band are also building Full Fibre networks starting across South Shropshire and covering rural areas that would otherwise not see Full Fibre for many years if at all. SWS have taken advantage of the Gigabit voucher Scheme to fund most of this work

Exascale are a company based in Telford that are building a Full Fibre network across some areas of Telford they sell direct to the public you can find out more on their siteThey also have started to build Full Fibre networks across pockets of areas in Shropshire.


Freedom Fibre are an alt-net being supported by Talk Talk Future Fibre and are building a 10Gbps Full Fibre network across North England and here in Shropshire have won the BDUK contract to roll out Full Fibre to north Shropshire including rural areas.You can find out more and register your interest below.


The Broadband landscape is changing fast stay tuned to our social media channels for the latest updates and we will update this page if we become aware of any more.