Is Full Fibre available in your part of Shropshire?

The above checker powered by Better Internet Dashboard shows what Full Fibre services are live or planned at your address by checking with the majority of providers.

If there are no live or planned providers checkout the other ways to check below.

It also shows 3/4/5G mobile coverage at your address.

For more on mobile broadband checkout our 4G Review and 5G Review

For Virgin Media results it may be using:

HFC = Hybrid Fibre Coax is where its Fibre to your street cabinet then Coax copper to your house.

FTTP (RFoG/PIA) = This uses Fibre to the premise but using DOCSIS technology as used on their HFC network as above. Will eventually become proper XGS-PON.

XGS= This is where they use FTTP XGS-PON technology which is what they will migrate/upgrade the rest of the network to in the future. Most likely this is actually Nexfibre’s network but at present Virgin Media are the only provider. 

All three technologies Virgin Media use support Gigabit speeds.

With multiple providers building their own Full Fibre networks across Shropshire as shown on our providers page it can be difficult to find out if you can get Full Fibre broadband on this page we will outline the checks you can do to cover all bases and if your still stuck let us know and we are more than happy to help! 

The current picture across Shropshire

Full Fibre networks are being built at record speed and that includes here in Shropshire!

The image above shows Openreach’s current areas where their Full Fibre is available. 

Openreach were the first to start rolling out Full Fibre and their build is rapidly expanding the next few years its expected their Full Fibre network to cover the majority of Shropshire.


The above picture shows Virgin Media’s coverage across our region.

Virgin Media which has a big presence in the Telford and Wrekin area has now started to expand into Shrewsbury they offer both a hybrid fibre service and a full fibre service both are capable of Ultrafast speeds!

The above image shows Full Fibre Fibre Heroes ready for service coverage area.

As you can see so far they are live in Shrewsbury, Bayston Hill, Wem and Oswestry. 

They are building in 15 other Shropshire towns more info on our providers page

In Telford and Wrekin we also have a deployment from Exscale who are bringing their Full Fibre network to parts of Telford including rural areas such as Horton.

In Shrewsbury Lilia Connect (VX Fiber) did start deploying their point to point full fibre network but have suspended the build due to being taken over by new investors it is unclear if they will re start.

Across North Shropshire Freedom Fibre will be rolling out their Full Fibre network and have been awarded a £24 million fund from Project Gigabit .

This will mean Freedom Fibre’s network will be rolled out in many communities across north Shropshire including Cockshutt, Hinstock, High Ercall, Bomere Heath, Hadnall, Cheswardine and Clive.

SWS and Air Broadband are also building their own Full Fibre networks to mainly rural areas in South Shropshire that would otherwise be left in the slow lane. 

We still have a long way to go in getting Full Fibre rolled out across Shropshire and it will be an exciting few years as we see more and more deployments.

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Images: sourced from bidb.uk 

Check your postcode

First of all you want to do address checks on all the providers that cover Shropshire and while your at it register your interest as even if they are not available right now the more people that express interest the more chance of a deployment happening and you will be the first to find out when they do go live!

The best place to start is by checking your postcode on the Better Internet dashboard 

This site has nearly all the Full Fibre providers (all except Freedom Fibre) and will show you what is currently avalible in your postcode area as well as planned. It also shows any planned roadworks by network builders in your area which can indicate a network being rolled out.

From here you can then visit the providers websites to verify and register your details if you wish. 

You can of course contact us if you need further assistance as we are all about getting people the right internet deal. 

Another useful website and resource is Connecting Shropshire run by Shropshire Council who have helped get superfast broadband rolled out and also Full Fibre connections.

Gigabit Voucher Scheme

The Gigabit Voucher scheme is a national project run by the government which can provide vouchers towards the cost of providing a Gigabit capable broadband connection for rural areas.

Vouchers from the Government are up to £4,500 per property and the even better news is currently Shropshire Council have announced further top up finding to the voucher scheme with an extra up to £2,500 meaning for eligible  Shropshire residents could get a voucher of up to £7,000!

To read more about this announcement see our news post here

More info also available on Shropshire Councils Connecting Shropshire page