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Get £50 cashback with Befibre full fibre broadband

BeFibre offer Full Fibre broadband via Fibre Heroes network live in Shropshire.

Speeds up to 900Mbps symmetric

Free install

No in contract price rises

12 & 24 month contracts

If you have any questions please email us

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See what a typical FTTP install looks like:

The Gigabit Voucher Scheme Is back!
Get up to £7,000 towards a Gigabit Broadband connection!

The national gigabit voucher scheme helps rural areas get access to a Gigabit broadband connection. What’s better is Shropshire Council are currently topping up the voucher amount by up to £2,500 meaning an eligible property can get a voucher of up too £7,000!

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3 simple steps to get Full Fibre

Find out if you can get it

Checkout our handy guide for ways to check if FTTP is available at your address.

Choose a suitable package

There are many different packages out there depending on the provider you choose. Learn more on our site.

Get Full Fibre installed!

Once you have found a Full Fibre provider in your area and chosen a suitable package place your order and prepare for your install and when installed make the most of your Full Fibre internet find out more on our site.


Full Fibre gives you access to incredible speeds that make a real difference. With 1Gbps available today.


Full Fibre is a brand-new network that uses fibre optic cables which do not suffer from the reliability issues of copper cables or flaky wireless signals.

Increased Property Value!

Having a FTTP connection installed into your property (or even available to it) can increase both the value and attractiveness of your property. This is because when looking for new homes one of the key things people look for is the internet speed which is only becoming more crucial.

You get what you pay for!

With Full Fibre connections if you pay for 500mbps down 50mbps up that’s exactly what you get unlike with other services where speed you get can vary!

Low Latency

Get ultra low latency of 4-15ms vs 25ms+ on other broadband services. This means you get the best performance and best online gaming experince!

Great value for money

In a lot off cases a Full Fibre connection can offer great value for money working out less per mbps than slower broadband services. In some cases you can get a faster Full Fibre service at a lower price than you pay for standard broadband.

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